See Oregon in 360 Degrees

April 26, 2017 (Updated May 24, 2017)

It’s not every day that a robot fish shares his favorite things to do in Oregon. But then again this is Oregon, a place that is pretty far from ordinary. We have amazing sand dunes, fishing, wineries, bike trails and stargazing spots all in one one-of-a-kind state.

Now we even have our very own salmon tour guide to show you around through these 360-degree videos.

And when you’re feeling so inspired that you just have to come see it all for yourself, the trip ideas below will help get you started planning your own one-of-a-kind Oregon trip.

A Really, Really Big Coastline

A Local’s Guide to the Oregon Dunes

This otherworldly landscape of shifting sands has many secrets to uncover.

(Photo credit: Greg Vaughn)

Hiking Tour of the Oregon Coast

Take it from an expert, there are a lot of picture-perfect hikes along the Oregon Coast.

Get Outside on Highway 101

Dust off your sense of adventure with a road trip down the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway.

(Photo credit: Clayton Cotterell)

South Coast Dunes and Estuaries

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is a timeless treasure with plenty of room to play.

Some Pretty Distracting Rivers

Casting for Spring Chinook

For Oregon anglers, spring snowmelt is spelled c-h-i-n-o-o-k.

(Photo credit: Uncage the Soul Productions)

Family Trip to the North Umpqua River

The North Umpqua River is one of the best streams to fly-fish for salmon and steelhead.

(Photo credit: Darcy Bacha)

Fly Fishing and Road Biking in Maupin

Pack up rods and bicycles for a two-in-one adventure in this tiny Central Oregon river town.

(Photo credit: Russ Roca)

Enough Wine to Make You Feel Like an Expert

The Humble Story of Oregon Wine

Next-generation Willamette Valley vintners carry on the unpretentious, collective spirit of their pioneering parents.

(Photo credit: Andréa Johnson)

Oregon Wineries Go Green

A growing number of winemakers in Oregon are certified Biodynamic.

(Photo credit: Drew Kelly)

Oregon Wine Month

Wine is such a big deal in Oregon that we have an entire month dedicated to it.

The Variety of Eugene Wineries

Eugene wine tasting is a little country, a little city and a lot of fun.

(Photo credit: Eugene, Cascades & Coast)

Bike Rides That’ll Make Your Car Jealous

Riding Oregon 101

We have everything you need to know about biking in the Beaver State.

(Photo credit: Tyler Roemer)

Spring Biking in Eastern Oregon

Do you prefer quiet back roads or backcountry bumps? In Eastern Oregon you can have both.

Portland’s Bike and Brew Tour

When it comes to bikes and beer, Portland is the land of plenty.

(Photo credit: Leah Nash)

Mountain Biking in Post Canyon

A top choice for mountain biking is Post Canyon, located southwest of Hood River.

(Photo credit: Jason Hudson)

Stargazing Isn’t Just for Night Owls

7 Otherworldly Stargazing Spots

Remote areas of Oregon offer some of the darkest skies in North America.

(Photo credit: Ben Canales)

Wide-Open Country at Cottonwood Canyon State Park

A new state park is the perfect place to get away from it all and soak up the skies.

(Photo credit: Jeff Clark/BLM)

OMSI Star Party

The night sky draws hundreds of stargazers to remote parts of Oregon.

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