Christmas Valley Sand Dunes

This listing is provided by Travel Southern Oregon

This uniqe area of critical environmental concerns includes The Lost Forest Research Natural Area, a Wilderness Study Area, and Fossil Lake. The area offers a variety of recreational activities, including off-highway vehicle use, hiking, sightseeing, photography, and camping. 

The Sand Dunes Wilderness Study Area is the largest inland shifting sand dune system iin the Pacific Northwest and a popular destination of off-highway vehicle enthusiasts. The dunes are composed largely of ash and pumice that blew into the area 7,000 years ago when Mt. Mazama erupted forming Crater Lake. Over 8,000 acres of dunes remain open to vehicle use. 

Directions to the Site: From Christmas Valley, Oregon travlel east on County Road 5-14 for 8 miles. Turn left (north) on County Road 5-14D and travel another 8 miles. Turn right (east) at the “T” and travel 3 miles on County Road 5-14E to the entrance of the Sand Dunes. Another 4 miles on BLM ROad 6151 will bring you to the Lost Forest.