Boulder Springs Trail

This listing is provided by Travel Southern Oregon

The Boulder Springs Trail joins the Gearhart Mountain Trail #100 at a point approximately 1 mile north of the Notch within Gearhart Mountain Wilderness. This trail runs down the southwestern flank of Gearhart Mountain to the former site of Boulder Springs Trailhead. In 1999 the road to this trailhead was removed in an effort to protect bull trout habitat. A trailhead was then established on Deming Creek and a 3 1/4 mile trail was constructed to access the southern side of the wilderness area. 

The trail winds its way through a 1950s era wildfire burn and through mixed stands of mature ponderosa pine, white fir, and lodgepole pine punctuated by enormous lichen-encrusted rock outcrops. Bright seasonal wildflowers are abundant and the soothing sounds of running water and wind in the trees seems to accompany the traveler throughout this route.

3.5 miles of this moderate trail are within designated wilderness.