Spirit Falls & Moon Falls

Spirit Falls tumbles 60 ft into a secluded pool at the end of a short (0.4 mi) trail through mature forest with some steep switchbacks at the end. Moon Falls is a 125-ft high cascade, reached by a 0.5 mi walk with gentle grades through old-growth forest. Black Swift, one of the Pacific Northwest?s most enigmatic species, has been spotted (rarely) at both of these sites. To look for them, hike in before sundown in June or July, settle back to watch the sky as evening comes on, and scan for larger swifts among the more likely Vaux’s Swifts and bats feeding overhead. You may also hear Western Screech-Owl, Northern Saw-whet, and even Spotted Owl calling. Be sure to bring a headlamp for the hike out, as camping is not permitted. The nearest developed campground is at Rujada Campground, 8 mi back down Rd 17. From the junction of Forest Rds 17 and 1720 a shortcut is possible to Oakridge on the Middle Fork Link (Site M10), but note that this road passes over a high ridge where several side roads can cause confusion; before trying this route, you should obtain a forest map and inquire about conditions at the Ranger Station in Cottage Grove.

From intersection of Row River Rd and Sharps Creek Rd 4 mi SE of Dorena Reservoir (Site B8), turn E on Row River Rd. Go 3.6 mi and bear L on Layng Creek Rd (Forest Rd 17). Go 8.8 mi to junction with Forest Rd 1790. Turn R on Rd 1790 and go 0.15 mi to trailhead for Spirit Falls (Trail #1413), or continue to Moon Falls by turning L on Rd 1702 for 2.8 mi, then R on Rd 1702-728 for 0.3 mi, and left on spur Rd 1702-203 to reach trailhead (Trail #1723).