My Oregon: Alex Borsuk

September 8, 2016 (Updated September 19, 2016)

Oregon is pretty big. It’s the ninth largest state in the U.S., covering nearly 100,000 square miles. There are a lot of places to explore. So it’s no wonder that everyone who visits Oregon has a different story to tell. From fly-fishing along the North Umpqua River to meteor shower viewings from a mountaintop, Oregon has a lot to offer. We asked some of the state’s best known travelers to share some of their favorite spots. Take a look at the My Oregon series and maybe you’ll be inspired to embark on your own adventure.



You can always find Alex Borsuk in the mountains running, skiing, climbing or mountaineering any chance she gets. Next time you see her on top of Mt. Hood, say hi to Alex and her dog Peanut.

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Three Sisters Loop

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy to pick just a few of my favorite places in Oregon. I like to call my style of travel “adventure tourism,” which to me means seeing as much of the great outdoors as I possibly can in a short amount of time. Running, backpacking and ski touring are all ways I can experience these gorgeous places in the course of one or two days.

One of my favorite weekend backpacking trips was the 50-mile Three Sisters Loop in Central Oregon. This loop has something for everyone — waterfalls and streams, sweeping views of the Three Sisters and Broken Top, alpine lakes and meadows, and even an obsidian lava field. One of my favorite parts of this trip was watching South Sister turn bright pink during sunset. It’s definitely special to see these mountains from all sides and all colors.

Mt. Hood

One of my favorite activities over the winter and spring is climbing and skiing Mt Hood. There is nothing that I love more than sitting on the summit watching the sun come up over the horizon while the rest of the world is still asleep. It’s definitely my “special place.” Going up to the summit every week created a very intimate relationship between me and the mountain.

Mt Hood is so special to me and I feel such a strong connection to her every time I see her from the streets of Portland.


Timberline Trail

Just an hour from Portland, the Timberline Trail is another one of my special places. The Timberline Trail circumnavigates the mountain and makes for a great 1- or 2-day trip. It’s a blessing to have such beautiful trails so close and accessible to Portland. One of my all-time favorite runs was on this trail last summer. Throughout the course of a day, I ran some 40 miles around the mountain. There were waterfalls, crystal clear streams, alpine meadows and views of Mt Hood that took my breath away. It’s hands down one of my favorite trails in Oregon.

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Alex Borsuk
Alex Borsuk is a weekend warrior living in Portland. You can always find Alex in the mountains running, skiing, climbing or mountaineering any chance she gets. Next time you see her on top of Mt. Hood, say hi to Alex and her dog Peanut.