Grant’s Getaways: Hiking to Drift Creek Falls

January 6, 2011 (Updated May 17, 2012)

If you spend enough time in the Oregon outdoors, you realize that when it comes to winter weather, luck is a good partner to have by your side. So it was on a recent streamside stroll into a watershed where the rain is often measured in feet – not inches but where huge surprises waited at the end of the trail.

Drift Creek will carry you away — perhaps where imagination travels—on a wonderful trail alongside a classic “pool and drop” Oregon stream. Flanked by ferns, alder trees and vine maple, Drift Creek Trail winds through the rain-drenched Siuslaw National Forest.

The Drift Creek Trail is amazing until you arrive at something even better and bigger that will take your breath away: a 240-foot long cable suspension bridge! Anchored by cables and ties that are cemented into opposing bluffs, the bridge holds over a hundred fifty thousand pounds, so it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

While the bridge does offer a bit of a bounce, the thirty-inch wide tread is perfectly safe and the bird’s-eye view will leave you spellbound. As does Drift Creek Falls, a 75-foot freefall, whopper of a waterfall that’s located immediately below you.

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