Bowman-Francis Lake Trailhead

This trailhead provides access to the Bowman Trail, a major entrance point for hikers and horses into the Eagle Cap Wilderness. This route provides access to Chimney, Hobo, Laverty and Wood lakes, as well as Brownie Basin and North Minam Meadows. Steep, rocky mountain ranges are framed with beautiful flower-filled meadows.

On Trail #1659 to Laverty Lakes, there is a view of Twin Peaks to the east and Eagle Cap to the south past Flagstaff Point. Opportunities abound for fishing and viewing elk, deer, and bear.

There is water available along most of the route, but be prepared for areas in between water sources. Take water from natural springs and clear sources where possible, using a filter suitable for giardia and other micro-organisms, or boil your drinking water for at least five minutes. The trailhead has a stock ramp, hitch rails, picnic area, and outhouse facilities.