Taylor Creek Trail

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This trail begins at about the 3 mile marker on Forest Road 2500. This is a “backbone trail” connecting Briggs Valley recreation sites. Seven trailheads access this trail. This trail parallels Forest Road 2500 all the way to the south end of Briggs Valley where it comes back into the road a short distance from the Briggs Creek trailhead. Many campsites in the Briggs Valley are accessible from this trail. 

In 2016, a huge collaborative effort was made to build 5 new trail bridges at various creek crossings; these bridges range in size from 40-67 feet long, and were made possible through the dedicated efforts of numerous volunteers including the Jefferson State Four Wheel Drive Association, the Siskiyou Mountains Club, the Boy Scouts of America, and many other wonderful volunteers who came out and showed this trail some love. It is because of their efforts that creek crossings that were once wet and difficult for people are now much
easier–and drier.