China Creek Trail

This listing is provided by Visit Grants Pass

The China Creek Trail traverses old and current mining sites. There are several old trail and road crossings along this trail. It also passes through some reforested units and a large old fire area. 

The south end of the trail leads up China Creek, over Taylor Ridge and down to the South Fork of Galice Creek. Just before and after crossing the Taylor Ridge Road 2500-001, the trail will follow old road systems. There are some steep grades on both sides of the South Fork Galice Creek. On the south side of the creek, the trail follows a road system upstream past an old open mine shaft (gated and posted “No Trespassing”). The bridge and road system on the north side are washed out. Follow it up to where the trail leaves the old road system and head up to the mining ditch. From there, follow the signs to climb up the hill to the road system #2402, and North trailhead. NOTE: These old road systems have not been driven in many years.

Considerations: The South Fork Galice Creek Bridge is washed out; therefore, users will need to ford the creek. 

This trail has some areas that mountain bike and horseback riders like for the challenge. However, it is not for the inexperienced rider.

As this is a multi-user trail, prepare to yield to other user groups. Motorcycles can use this trail, but ATVs are limited due to some narrow steep sections. Most quads turn around within the first mile on the south side. Off of the Taylor Ridge Road 2500-011, quads use the first part of the trail and the road systems that continue off of those sections.