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Sandy Ridge Trail System

August 28, 2017

It’s a story with a perfect ending: mountain-bike enthusiasts and federal agencies get together and create a well-planned, well-designed and well-built trail system that provides nearly year-round, flowing single-track on the lower slopes of Mt. Hood. And it’s ready for you to rip.

The Sandy Ridge trail area has brought a welcome resource to the west side of Mt. Hood — it’s an easy drive from Portland, and the trails were built and designed for flow. The trails are low enough on the mountain to stay open about 10 months a year; they’re designed to drain water and hold up to mud. And because of the painstaking planning that went into it, Sandy Ridge has held up as one of the top MTB destinations in the country.

Set in the forests of Mt. Hood, Sandy Ridge offers the sense of seclusion that comes from riding in a dense forest, with occasional glimpses of long views. The trail system has seen continued improvements since it opened. It provides an experience for every rider; as of 2017 it features 17 miles of trails ranging from machine-built, beginner-level trails to double-black-diamond, expert-level challenges. The easier trails offer the opportunity to play on features such as rollers and table tops, while the more challenging routes are characterized by narrow technical terrain and high levels of exposure.

Want to find out more?

Cyclists can download a map of the system from the Bureau of Land Management.

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