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Baker City / La Grande is Your Next Mountain Bike Destination

March 12, 2020

Oregon’s eastern outposts of Baker City and La Grande offer a world of mountain biking between them — from summer-dried ski slopes to granite-peak vistas and loamy high-alpine terrain. Ready to shred? Head to to these favorite trails and bike-friendly hangs. You’ll be glad you did.

Phillips Lake Loop by Brice Shirbach

Phillips Lake Loop

Distance: 15 miles / 24 kilometers
Difficulty: Mild

Take a family-friendly spin around a popular reservoir southwest of Baker City in the southern Elkhorn Mountains, with the option for a more challenging ride of 550 feet of elevation gain.

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Broadway Flow Trail Loop by Brice Shirbach

Broadway Flow Trail Loop

Distance: 4 miles / 6.4 kilometers
Difficulty: Moderate

Introduce yourself to a little-known mountain biking paradise at Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort, which turns its winter alpine runs and Nordic terrain into trails for summer shredders.

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Mt. Emily Rec Area Loop by Brice Shirbach

Mt. Emily Rec Area Loop

Distance: 15 miles / 24 kilometers
Difficulty: Challenging

Clinging to the eastern flank of the Blue Mountains, the Mt. Emily Recreation Area (MERA) boasts an elaborate system of 28 trails.

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Dutch Flat by Brice Shirbach

Dutch Flat Out & Back

Distance: 17 miles / 27.3 kilometers
Difficulty: Challenging

Cue the adrenaline on this fast and narrow ride near Anthony Lakes Mountain Resort, gaining nearly 3,000 feet / 914 meters in the first eight miles / 12.8 kilometers.

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Elkhorn Crest Trail

Elkhorn Crest Trail

Distance: 32 miles / 51.5 kilometers
Difficulty: Extreme

Extreme challenges are rewarded with extreme beauty on the Elkhorn Crest Trail, featuring 3,500 feet / 1,066.8 meters of ascent to the top.

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Churchill School Hostel by Brice Shirbach

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There are more exciting mountain bike trails to be found west of La Grande and Baker City. When you’re ready for more trails, set your compass to Prineville.

Lookout Mountain Loop by Good Bike Co. LLC

Lookout Mountain Loop

Distance: 11 miles / 17.7 kilometers
Difficulty: Extreme

Called “one of the best sustained downhill trails in Central Oregon,” the Lookout Mountain Loop offers commanding views and a demanding downhill descent at the highest point in the Ochoco Mountains.

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