Fat Bike Oregon’s Central Coast: Roads End Ride

March 26, 2018

The Route

Length:         5.2 miles
Difficulty:    Easy

Lincoln City is known for its seven miles of breathtaking beach. What better way to see it all than on a fat-tire bike? This beach ride is made for any level of experience. Take the family out for a spin along the ocean or make a bigger adventure by heading north to explore the tide pools and cape at Roads End Point. For directions and map details, follow the self-guided Ride with GPS map.

A woman and girl laugh as they ride fat bikes on the sand.

Getting rolling on this ride can’t get any easier. Safari Town Surf Shop, located in downtown Lincoln City, has rental bikes and is the perfect starting point. We used the crosswalk visible from the shop door to cross Highway 101, the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway, and made our way to the beach. Riding on the road for a few blocks is a great way to get a feel for a fat bike. The wide tires give the feeling of plush suspension while also providing confidence-building stability.

Once on the beach, we headed toward the hard-packed sand along the waterline — it feels similar to the road and is much easier to ride on than soft sand. Once we adjusted to our bikes, we rode north toward the large bluff.

We wanted to keep the ride light and fun, so we stuck to cruising around this area. We explored the sea life at tidal pools, then turned around to head back to Safari Town Surf when we started to get tired. If you’re seeking more adventure, you can head all the way north to Roads End Point. Along the way you’ll find more large tidal pools and a few stream crossings to keep you on your toes. You’ll know the turnaround point when you get stopped by the large cliff walls at the northernmost point of the ride. Take in the majestic views, then turn around and make your way leisurely back to town.

A young girl looks out on the beach from her fat bike.

Bike Rentals

Don’t have a fat bike? Not to fear, Safari Town Surf Shop in Lincoln City has you covered.

Where to Eat:

  • Tie Dye Pie Pizzeria: With everything from classic Italian fare to original fusion pies, Tie Dye is a local’s favorite.
  • Wild Flower Grill: Don’t miss this down-home American cottage diner on the riverfront.

Where to Stay:

  • The Coho Oceanfront Hotel: Keep it classy at this upscale boutique hotel featuring oceanfront views, a pool and an unique coastal feel.
  • Surftides: Find modern sophistication — and a private tennis court — at this retro-themed hotel in the heart of Lincoln City.

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