Madras East Hills Trail System

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The Madras East Hills Trail system has something for everyone. The area offers beautiful rolling hills and is ideal for cross-country style mountain biking and trail runners. Because it’s located at a lower elevation – about 2,250 feet above sea level – it’s a great area for winter and summer use. The soil is slightly clay-based, allowing for solid trails year round. This trail system is designed for riders of all skill levels – from beginners looking for an easy ride – to experienced cyclists looking for a challenging workout. The XCO track is one of the best in the state and the downhill tracks are sure to please adrenaline junkies everywhere. Located on “B” Street/Ashwood just east of Downtown across from Juniper Hills Park, this system is a partnership betwen the City of Madras, Central Oregon Trail Alliance and tireless community volunteers who make it a premier location for bikers, runners and even the occasional horse back rider!