Bridgeview Vineyards Tasting Room

Here at Bridgeview Winery we are very passionate about our work, growing grapes, making wine, working with family and of course drinking great wine. When we planted our first grapes in 1982 our vision was clear, provide an outstanding quality product at an affordable price that everyone can enjoy. Together as a family we continue our drive to uphold and expand on this vision and bring you some of the best wine that Southern Oregon has to offer. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the romance that is a beautiful glass of wine. This is what motivates us as we cultivate the vineyard, harvest the grapes, tend the fermenting tanks, bottle and sell our wine. To us, wine is a lifelong passion that we take great pleasure in sharing with the world. So we are very happy to see you here and to share our wine and our story with you.