Cascade Street Distillery

This listing is provided by Sisters Chamber of Commerce

Located in the heart of downtown Sisters, Cascade Street Distillery is a local, family-run artisan spirits company that’s passionate about creating artisan spirits that are smooth and delicious. Founded in 2015 by a brother and sister team, Cascade Street Distillery embodies the western small batch distillery of today.

Cascade Street has recently introduced its first spirit, North Sister Vodka. Made from 100 percent American corn grain distilled six times and then filtered 6 times to achieve a clear 180 proof base. The base is blended with the best water on earth to create a perfect sipping vodka as smooth, fresh and clean as a high alpine lake. Future plans call for the introduction of South Sister Gin. Cascade Street has also started the aging process on its Broken Top Bourbon. In addition to the tasting room in Sisters, Cascade Street has started work on a new distillery located in an historic barn in Sisters.