Over Easy Restaurant

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“It’s about breakfast,” Chef Braden Hitt says. “I have always wanted to own a breakfast restaurant. And I have always wanted to call it ‘Over Easy.’ It’s been a lifelong quest,” he adds with a chuckle. Braden had discovered his passion for cooking in Oklahoma City, and decided to make a career of it by attending the internationally known Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts. After culinary gigs in Las Vegas and Portland, he decided to settle in Southern Oregon.

           While wife-to-be Stephanie was born and raised in Ashland, OR, it was during a stint hosting at a breakfast restaurant in Long Beach, CA that she had an epiphany. “I fell in love with the restaurant business,” Stephanie says.

           They met at Elements Tapas Bar in Medford—Stephanie working as manager and Braden as chef—and quickly discovered their mutual interests.