Well Rooted Farms

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Well Rooted Farms is owned and operated by the Maricle Family. Both, Frank and Janelle have been raised on a farm since they were born, and they love nature, animals and farm life. They have a passion for eating good nutritious food and love knowing where their food is coming from. Working together through natural practices and regenerative agriculture they keep their pasture raised beef and hogs healthy and happy, as well as providing fresh produce. Along with their vegetables and pastured meat, they have 600 laying hens that provide us with farm fresh eggs. Their love for this lifestyle helps provide the best quality and nutritious food in Central Oregon. You will see Janelle in sales and marketing, at their sales locations, while Frank will be overseeing the vision of their dream.

Scott grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho and moved his family to Central Oregon in 1992. Scott always had farming in his blood and would take part in hobby farming, gardening and 4H projects with his children. Scott has studied regenerative agriculture, using all natural practices to keep nutrients in the soil so that the farm’s vegetables taste amazing and are high quality. You’ll see Scott at Well Rooted’s U-Pick location, maintaining and caring for their produce. Cindy works behind the scenes usually feeding everyone’s hungry bellies when they’ve worked all day in the field and supporting everyoe whenever needed.