Upriver Organics

This listing is provided by Eugene, Cascades & Coast

Located at about 1100ft elevation, Upriver Organics farm gets far more sun and way less fog than much of the Willamette Valley.

For many of their crops, the cooler nights in the summer and fall bring added sweetness and flavor. The greater amount of sunshine brings a brighter sheen and blush to many of the fruits.

This farm is the place to be, and encourages folks in the the Eugene-Springfield area to take a short drive up the McKenzie to taste the mountain sunshine. You can visit the farm and see all what the great McKenzie Valley has to offer. The McKenzie river trail that winds along the upper McKenzie and meanders through the lava fields. The best fishing in the county, two amazing reservoirs for water sports, ski areas, hot springs, high country trails, waterfalls, rafting and more can be found in the farm’s backyard. 

The farm stand is open seasonally.