Sanctuary One – At Double Oak Farm

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Sanctuary One – At Double Oak Farm

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People, animals and the earth: Better together

Sanctuary One at Double Oak Farm is a care farm where people, animals, and the earth work together for mutual healing.  We envision a future where care farms are as commonplace in the United States as libraries, hospitals, and colleges.

A care farm provides an ideal environment in which to learn and practice the art of care giving in a way that also transforms the caregiver. Care farming (also known as green care, farm care, or farming for health), is well established in Europe, but is a relatively new concept in the United States.

Double Oak Farm abuts thousands of acres of national forest alongside the Applegate River. A scenic hiking trail provides access to the Siskiyou Mountains.

With your help, Sanctuary One can provide a safe and caring home for needy animals; we can do something about the nature deficit disorder that more and more people are suffering from because they are constantly plugged into a computer instead of outside interacting with nature and animals; and we can teach others how permaculture can convert a traditional farm into an organic and sustainable food forest.

For more information, please visit the Sanctuary One website.