La Mera Gardens

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Joan Ewer Thorndike began growing certified organic flowers in Southern Oregon over 30 years ago. Through the nineties Joan farmed Le Mera Gardens on an acre and a bit at the outskirts of Ashland, raising her children among flowers, bees, bugs and dirt in all weather conditions. In early 2000 she was invited by Suzi and Steve Fry to join forces with their remarkably diversified Fry Family Farm, a marriage and partnership which has allowed her to vastly expand the diversity, quantity and quality of flowers and foliage for her clients.

These days Le Mera Gardens’ sells seasonal fresh flowers, foliage, branches, berries and ornamental herbs to local florists, designers, do-it-yourself weddings of every stripe, local businesses, homes and charities in southern Oregon and northern California, from mid March through late October.

Le Mera Gardens is an early proponent of growing for your local market and an advocate of the Buy Local movement, premium member of Slow Flowers USA and a featured farm in The 50 Mile Bouquet by Debra Prinzing.