Heidi Tunnell Catering Company Barn Dinners

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Wine glasses clinking, forks tapping plates, conversation buzzing, laughter… Those sounds are foodies, farmers and winemakers all dining together in the 19th century restored barn on Furrer Farms. The food for this meal was just pulled from the ground from a farm right down the road. And the wine in those glasses was handcrafted by one of the many talented winemakers right here in Oregon.

This isn’t just a meal. This is a celebration of local food, the people who grow it and those who craft it into something wonderful. We believe that the best meals are prepared using the freshest products available kept simple. Food that is fresh, local and straight from the farm needn’t be tampered with too much, we like to let the food speak for itself. For that reason our food is picked just before being prepared and served to you, our guest