Hopstories: Migration Brewing

July 7, 2017 (Updated July 10, 2017)

The building that houses Migration Brewing Co. used to be an old radiator shop but when the brewery moved in, the first patrons said, “This is exactly what the neighborhood needed.”

It had no heat nor insulation on the ceiling, but some hard work from the group of friends who started the brewery transformed it into the space it is today. Migration Brewing is a space that attracts regulars from the neighborhood and in turn has created a larger group of friends. Co-owner Colin Rath even invited some of the regulars to his wedding — people he wouldn’t have known if not for the brewery.

As a way to continue to be a large part of their community, they host a night once a month where the 10% of the proceeds of the night go to a local organization. Rath says, “It’s amazing to see people’s mindset and to see giving back become this joint effort where people want to give back however they can.”

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