Tillamook Creamery

No trip to Tillamook is complete without a stop at the creamery. 

Sample their world-famous cheeses, and grab a scoop of the creamiest ice cream ever made. But don’t forget the Creamery also boasts a café that serves real food made with real ingredients – everything from artisan pizzas, gourmet mac n cheese, salads topped with fresh seafood, and of course Northwest brews and wine options for those 21 and over. There’s also a gift shop featuring Oregon-made foods, drinks, clothes, souvenirs and more.

Take a free, self-guided tour where you’ll get to see videos, historical displays and interactive kiosks about Tillamook. You’ll even get a behind the scenes look at the Tillamook cheesemaking room and packaging line.

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    June 26, 2022

    Everything was quality

    We went for the cheese and ice cream and we’re not disappointed. Lots of flavors to choose from, fun souvenirs and we built our own cheese board for the next day’s lunch. What surprised us was how good the other food was. The cheese curds were the best we’ve ever had. Not greasy, crisp and tasty. Worth a visit

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    June 22, 2022

    Our timing was fantastic

    You can take the self-guided tour, go to the restaurant for food, get an ice cream cone, or visit the gift shop in what ever order you want. I should say that we arrived at about 10:30 in the morning and the parking seemed almost empty compared to previous visits. The short walk from the car was unusual as was the lack of crowds. We did the tour first, then got a couple of the free samples of cheese (the smoked pepper cheddar was great) stopped at the gift shop, and then queued up for an ice cream cone. Our wait was... oh, about 30 seconds, and then we had our ice cream and an almost empty dining room to sit and enjoy it. Past experience has been long waits and lots of people with the huge parking lot bursting at the seams. This trip was a relaxing low key experience.

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    June 20, 2022

    Exceeded expectations

    When thinking about touring this spot to see how they make the cheese, I anticipated on a long journey around the property. No- they have it all there in one spot and it is done in an excellent way. Loved seeing the cheese making process from overhead and it makes me want to eat only Tillamook cheese from the store. The gift shop is then awesome and the best part at the end- eating their cheese, ice cream, burgers with their cheese, etc.

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    June 13, 2022
    Lynn A

    Still worth a visit, despite the crowds

    Whenever I travel the northern Oregon Coast, I always stop at Tillamook. This time it was more crowded than ever and some expansion has left a lot of their parking lot unpaved in gravel and mud. I was there on a rainy day, so it took an extra few minutes to find a parking space on the small paved area available. Got ice cream from a long line inside, but afterward naticed than an outside ice cream line had almost no line. So, check the outside first. Samples of cheese now consist of pre-packaged squares, but still tasty and worth it. Also, upstairs are the viewing areas for actual cheese creation.

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    May 29, 2022

    Tillamook creamery- must visit

    Enjoyed visiting the creamery. A little self guided tour. It wasn’t over crowded. We got some Tillamook cheese samples! There’s a small gift shop with merchandise, cheese few stuffed toys, variety of fudges etc. The restrooms were clean. The staff were friendly. Then the best part was the ice cream. The queue was not very long and the service at the counter was excellent. The ice cream was AMAZING!!! Lot of seating available, to sit and relish your ice cream Parking was a breeze. Altogether, a pleasant experience. If you visit Oregon, this is a place you shouldn’t miss.

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