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July 16, 2014 (Updated August 18, 2015)
Rogue Creamery

In a small town in Southern Oregon, dairy cows amble through knee-high grass in a green meadow, curious calves poke their heads between fence slats, and a group of cheese makers creates award-winning, delicious blue cheeses.

“Our spectrum of recipes comes from this natural native grass that’s right here at our dairy,” says David Gremmels of Rogue Creamery. “It is fantastic.”


Gremmels takes Portland Chef Gabriel Rucker on a tour of the Central Point farm, which was founded more than 80 years ago and is now home to 200 dairy cows whose milk provides the base for the company’s cheese. “It’s the total source of milk for the Rogue Creamery,” Gremmels says.

Rogue’s blue cheese pedigree runs deep — Caveman, Crater Lake, Echo Mountain, Flora Nelle and Oregonzola, to name a few. And each has bragging rights with awards from the likes of the World Cheese Championships, American Cheese Society and U.S. Cheese Championships.

For Gremmels, all of that accomplishment goes back to this place. “We all are committed to using the finest, purest, most local ingredients. True artisans every step of the way. It is reflected in the taste and the experience.”

Explore Cheese Country: Spend some time getting to know the culinary offerings of Southern Oregon. Check out the annual Oregon Cheese Festival each March in Central Point. Book a room at the historic Jacksonville Inn or the TouVelle House Bed & Breakfast. For more cheese inspiration, check out our story on Pholia Farm Creamery and Dairy or travel the Oregon Cheese Trail.


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