Pinard Falls

This listing is provided by Travel Southern Oregon

Pinard Falls, named for Pinard Butte due east of the falls, is an impressive waterfall that forms when the East Fork of Layng Creek drops over 105-foot tall basalt cliffs. A dense, lush forest surrounds the area and shades the waterfall most of the day; however, during summer afternoons, sunlight cuts through the mist to reach the base of the waterfall.

From the trailhead, Pinard Falls Trail gently descends along an abandoned spur road for 0.3 mile before it turns left and continues through a dense second-growth forest. The trail continues downwards at a steeper pace to a narrow rocky spur ridge where the first views of the 105-foot waterfall are seen. The trail then switchbacks around the rock point into a shaded stand of old-growth Douglas fir, continuing to an overlook that offers a beautiful view of the falls approximately 300 feet beyond.