Behold the Beauty of Marion Falls

November 9, 2017

It was my day off, and most to all my friends were either working or were out of town for the weekend. I figured it would be an ideal day for a solo hike. After looking through my travel journal, I decided to finally cross Marion Falls off the list. Located off Highway 22 in the Willamette National Forest near the edge of Mt. Jefferson Wilderness, Marion Falls is a lesser-known waterfall at the end of a 5-mile out-and-back hike. The site has a $5 parking fee and requires a Wilderness self-issue permit. With some quick research, I found the directions, packed a small lunch, and I was off!

A light detour to “hang out” on a small bridge a few miles from the trailhead.

The beginning of the Marion Lake trailhead.

The view after a couple miles of hiking.

At the base of Marion Lake I enjoyed the sweet company of solitude.

Where I watched fish jump out from the water.

I scrambled along rocks in search of the perfect lunch spot — and this viewpoint was just right.

After sandwiches and trail mix, I returned to the main trail to find what I originally came for: the falls. Marion Outlet Trail #3495 spurs out from the main trail and is a little less defined than the first path.

All I can say is that the falls did not disappoint.

Thankful for the opportunity to see and experience such power within nature.

I stood back to behold the full beauty of Marion Falls before returning home for the night.

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