Sand Mountain Lookout

Elevation: 5459 ft.
Built: L-4 "Grange Hall" style gable-roof replica
Trail: ¼ mile, easy.
Staffing: currently staffed seasonally by McKenzie River Ranger District and Sand Mountain Society volunteers

Situated in the High Cascades between the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness and the Mt. Washington Wilderness, this lookout replica watches over a Geological Special Interest Area. It is a unique formation of a series of cinder cones aligned along a fault. This unusual volcanic phenomenon can be easily viewed from the summit.

Also visible are the Black Sand Flats and the Sand Mountain Burn area. Mount Washington rises sharply and spectacularly over Big Lake directly to the east, and the Three Sisters peaks and the accompanying wilderness are vividly detailed to the southeast. Carpenter Mountain Lookout and Coffin Mountain Lookout are easily viewed with binoculars.

Sand Mountain is an easily disturbed volcanic environment, with unique dwarf flora and fauna. Please follow the trail and respect the fragility of the terrain. This area is unique, beautiful, and a fascinating example of how volcanic activity shapes an area.