Paulina Lake Hot Spring

Newberry National Volcanic Monument south of Bend is an area that receives fewer visitors than it should, considering how many different unusual and beautiful activities you can do. For example, the trail that departs northward from Little Crater Campground will take you to Paulina Lake Hot Springs in just over a mile. Situated on the edge of a grassy beach, it’s a tranquil location that doesn’t receive much traffic, particularly when you take into account how beautiful and relatively accessible it is. However, calling them “hot” springs may be a bit of an overstatement, they’re more like really warm springs. Hemmed by logs, you could also kayak to this location if you were motivated. Because the park’s roads are only open seasonally, the spring is only accessible late spring through early summer. You can camp in either a developed campground or do backcountry camping if you want to stay nearby. The hiking trail that reaches the hot springs continues around the lake and offers gorgeous mountain views.