Cabin Lake Viewing Blind

Two 8' x 12' covered shelters, approximately 300' apart on a north-south line, permit silent human observers to spy upon thirsty animals. Each blind has a small concrete basin that puddles water piped nearby water collection aprons and storage tanks. Veiled wall openings allow viewing and photography from a distance of 15-20 feet. A barbed-wire fence surrounds the lower site and a pole fence surrounds the upper site. Be sure to browse the registry for its decades-long, international record of human and wildlife visitors.  There is a picnic area nearby.

Caution: Such close proximity between observer and wildlife demands absolute silence, so keep your dog or cat away. Bring a filled water container to replenish the drink-basin in case the supply system is disabled. You can leave your fishing rod and boat at home because the "lake" dried centuries ago.