Chickahominy Reservoir

One of eastern Oregon’s most popular fishing spots. The expansive valley where Chickahominy Reservoir lies is surrounded by foothills, distant buttes and ridges with names like Potato Hills and Dry Mountain — a landscape that provides far-reaching views of the open high desert country. This man-made reservoir was constructed in the early 1950s to manage water irrigation and watering livestock. Modern machinery was used in later years to repair and enlarge the dam, and numerous improvements have been made including paving the access roads, constructing a concrete boat ramp and creating a family camping area. The reservoir was first stocked with rainbow trout in the summer of 1967, and is still stocked once or twice a year with fingerlings and legal-size fish. The water level fluctuates with the amount of spring run off and can be low at times, occasionally affecting the availability of fisheries. In most years, Chickahominy provides outstanding fishing opportunities.