Dorena Bridge

Located at the upper end of Dorena Reservoir, the Dorena Covered Bridge was built in conjunction with the completion of Dorena Dam. Sometimes referred to as Star Bridge, it provides access to the nearby Star Ranch. Star Ranch was once a large private estate that has been reduced to about 100 acres. The original town site named for Dora Burnette and Rena Martin (by combining parts of their first names) is underwater at the bottom of the reservoir. The covered bridge was bypassed by a concrete bridge in 1974. Dorena Covered Bridge is slated for rehabilitation in the summer of 1996, and will be part of a rest area overlooking Dorena Reservoir. River: Row River Length: 105 feet (32 m) Year Constructed: 1949 Nearest Town: Dorena Located on Shoreview Drive off Garoutte Road near Cottage Grove.