: Bend Walk for Justice in support of Black Lives Matter (Joey Hamilton Photography)

Black Lives Matter

June 10, 2020

Black lives matter. The senseless violence and discrimination against Black Americans must stop.

As our nation confronts the realities of its deeply rooted racism and institutional bias, we as Oregonians do as well. The bitter truth is that three separate black exclusion laws were once part of the Oregon Constitution — and discriminatory language was not even completely removed until 2001.

As Oregon’s official tourism organization, it is our mission to ensure that our work helps Oregon become a more equitable destination, so all who travel the state can enjoy their journey and feel welcome. We are committed to upholding the values of human rights, equity, and social justice. Yet, we realize our complicit role in systemic racism and will advocate for meaningful change in the lives of our staff, partners, communities, and visitors.

This work starts with actively listening, learning, and making the following commitmentsin our fight against bigotry and intolerance:

  • Being life-long learners regarding equity and committing to the necessary repair work when we misstep.
  • Seeking genuine participation from under-represented and underserved groups, recognizing that they are essential to creating a welcoming and rich cultural environment for visitors and Oregonians alike.
  • Growing our understanding of the myriad intersecting identities people hold and how some identities are rooted in systems of oppression. We aim to remove barriers from all travelers.
  • Expanding the coverage and representation of age, women, people of color, LGBTQ+ people and people with disabilities. We will seek out storytellers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to tell stories about their communities.
  • Supporting and empowering organizations working to promote diversity in the outdoors, starting with an educational system that engages students in outdoor education, providing every child with skills and experiences that will last a lifetime and continuing with intergenerational learning opportunities.

We look forward to sharing how these commitments will evolve into policies and programs to help all Oregonians and make our state a welcoming place for everyone.

Join us in the journey to make Oregon a more inclusive state. If you identify as a BIPOC content creator, tourism planner or DEI specialist, we invite you to participate in the work. Submit your contact information here.

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