Train Mountain Railroad Museum

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The Train Mountain Institute owns Train Mountain and operates it for educational purposes.

Train Mountain Railroad is the world’s largest miniature hobbyist railroad near Chiloquin, Oregon, in Klamath County, which is in the south central region of Oregon. It is situated between Klamath Falls, Oregon, approximately 26 miles (42 km) to the south, and Crater Lake National Park to the north.

In the 2004 Guinness World Records, Train Mountain is recognized as the “Longest Miniature Hobby Railroad”. At the time Train Mountain was recognized by Guinness, it was reported to have 69,900 feet (13.24 mi; 21.3 km) of 7 1/2 in (190.5 mm) gauge mainline track and 133,250 feet (25.237 mi; 40.61 km) of total track including yards, sidings, spurs, and connector tracks. During the following years, approximately 10 additional miles (16 km) of new track has been added.