Columbia River Maritime Museum

Explore the world of marine transportation from the days of dugout canoes, through the age of sail, to the present.

Watch a dramatic 12-minute film introducing the history and perils of the the Columbia River. Sail a model boat on the newly opened Warnock Model Boat Pond. Walk the bridge of a World War II warship, marvel at the 44-foot motor lifeboat plowing through a wave in a rescue mission. Participate in four interactive and hands-on exhibits including taking the helm in a tugboat wheelhouse. 

The museum’s 3D theater brings family-friendly movies to life in grand fashion, onto the huge screen and in pure digital surround sound.

And what’s more…you can board the Lightship Columbia, a National Historic Landmark, that once guided ships to safety at the mouth of the Columbia River.

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    September 28, 2021

    Don't Miss This!

    One of the highlights of my trip to Astoria was a walk thorugh this superior museum. What an education. 3D film was also outstanding. Would not have missed this for anything.

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    September 24, 2021


    We consider this a must stop if you are in Astoria. The films are excellent, as are all of the exhibits. Indeed, you can get a good history lesson about the Columbia River bar and area in the Museum. The Museum is located on the river so the views from the Museum are very good.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    September 19, 2021


    There were lots of interesting exhibits about the history of the area, the Coast Guard, and a 3d movie.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    September 18, 2021

    Great look at history.

    The Columbia river has a long, varied history, and the Museum presents it in an interesting way. Lots of displays of actual boats that were used on the river, the history of how commerce grew around the coast, how weather affects the region, and a lot more. A great way to get a feel for the region, and how it prospered with the Columbia river.

  • TripAdvisor Rating
    September 8, 2021

    Very informative, very worthwhile

    The 'message' was mostly about the hazards of navigating the river, in particular: crossing the bar. There were a lot of worthwhile exhibits. We found the stories about Coast Guard training and the rescues to be very interesting ('Semper Paratus'!).

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