Gerhard’s Bicycle Odysseys

Since 1974…
Glide by a Castle at 15 mph…
Every detail of your bicycle tour is planned to provide a stimulating hassle-free vacation. Plan to leave all worries behind, just bring your sense of adventure.

The tours are designed to appeal to all levels of cycling experience. Standard distances are moderate – typically biking 28 to 40 miles a day. Each day we also offer two or three additional routes which are longer and more challenging.

With detailed route outlines and maps in hand you are always free to bike at your own pace – either alone, or as part of a smaller group which shares the same interest and cycling ability. An individual pace allows you lots of time to enjoy the many unique sights – splendid castles, village squares, bustling markets, and pastoral fields. There is never a rush!

Our routes are carefully selected to take you on lightly-traveled country lanes which wind through villages and green valleys – far away from the oft-trodden paths of normal tourist areas. This is where one can savor the true flavor of Europe. You will be pleased to find that European drivers are very courteous, because most are cyclists themselves.

The tours are accompanied by Gerhard and one other bilingual leader. One of the leaders rides at the rear of the group and assists with any touring needs. The other drives the support vehicle which carries your luggage and assists with mechanical problems. You are always welcome to ride in the support vehicle if you need a break from cycling.

We stay at first class hotels, country inns and castles. Accommodations are selected for quality, service, location and choice of amenities. They are clean, comfortable and rich in the style of the region.

Always an important part of the trip, meals are assured to be fresh and savory. We recognize that culinary skills are as much a reflection of a nation’s culture as is art and history. Hearty dinners will be well earned at the end of a biking day. Meals are served in a comfortable setting that allows you to share the day’s events with your fellow cyclists.

Each group is limited to 20 adults maximum. The age of our riders usually ranges from 25 to 65, with a few younger or older (our most senior cyclist thus far was 80!). About half of those who join us are single and there will always be some who have biked with us before. In past years nearly eighty percent of our guests had traveled with us previously.

Our clients come from all over North America and a few from other countries as well. You will be with people who are enjoyable companions and who share common interests.

Upon receipt of your application, we’ll send a packet of extensive information on preparing for the trip. Included is a detailed list suggesting what to take and how to pack.