Skookum Outfitters

Embark on a fly-fishing adventure with Skookum Outfitters, where the passion for fishing meets decades of expertise. Founded and led by Nate Turner, his team boasts over 20 years of experience, offering guided fly-fishing day trips, camp adventures, and classes throughout the year.

Whether you’re a novice looking to explore the basics or an experienced angler refining your skills, these classes provide the perfect opportunity. Discover the art of fly-fishing in diverse settings, with ‘classrooms’ situated in the scenic Columbia River Gorge and the captivating Lower Deschutes River Canyon areas.

At Skookum Outfitters, they equip you with the best gear for your fishing pursuits. Explore their extensive range, including rods, reels, flies, apparel, gifts, and more. Join Skookum Outfitters for an unforgettable experience on the water – call or email today to book your guided tour.