animation of a person kayaking

Water of Oregon

Come play on Oregon's clear, wild waterways.

Oregon is a true water-lovers’ paradise. Some of us like to swim, paddle or fish in Oregon’s lakes and rivers; some of us prefer to lounge in an Adirondack and gaze at the ocean for hours on end. (We don’t judge.) Our water is our life source. When it comes to rivers (more than 70 of which are designated as Wild and Scenic), these waterways offer more than just soul-soothing views and sought-after campsites. Flowing through cities, canyons and forests, Oregon’s rivers provide key habitats for salmon, steelhead, trout, bald eagles, osprey, beavers and many other fish and wildlife.

Yes, we have lakes too — more than 1,400 named lakes including our deepest and bluest, Crater Lake, which is also our favorite (and only) national park. When it comes to Clear Lakes, we have those in spades — at least 10 Oregon lakes share this name, so be sure to know which you’re headed to. And that big body of water bordering our 363-mile coastline? Thanks to Oregon’s Beach Bill, we all get to access the mighty Pacific and its shores. Year-round, surfers, boaters, fishers and some brave swimmers call the ocean their playground, and we all get to be awed by its ever-present force.




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Canoeing the Willamette River outside Corvallis

Canoeing the Willamette River Water Trail

Extending almost 190 miles as it flows south to north along the length of Western Oregon’s Willamette River, the Water Trail is a network of paddler-centric parks, natural areas and campsites.

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