Great Meadow Sno-Park

The Great Meadows Sno-Park is for summer and winter recreation. In the winter, you'll find over 165 miles of groomed trails for snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing.  Food and lodging are available at Lake of the Woods and Fish Lake resorts. From the Sno-Park, there are scenic views of Mt. McLoughlin to the north. 

Great Meadows Sno-Park is located 35 minutes west of Klamath Falls, Oregon. It was specifically designed as a Sno-Park with land from a construction phase in the 1940’s. Today the expansive 1.5 acre parking lot accommodates up to 50 vehicles with trailers in the winter, making it an ideal destination for snowmobiling. 

Great Meadows lies adjacent to a swath of meadow land. Blanketed with 3-5 feet of snow every winter, the meadow attracts kite boarders, cross country skiers, and families with young snowmobile drivers just learning. The trailhead is a jumping off point to trails within Mountain Lakes Wilderness (no snowmobiles are allowed in Wilderness) to the southeast, and connects to the family trail loop to Lake of the Woods Resort.

Snowmobilers can cruise from Great Meadows to Diamond Lake and connect with a network of trails that crisscross Southern Oregon. The snowmobile trails around Great Meadows are well-maintained. In a typical winter, 150-250 miles of trails are groomed every week. Douglas, Red Shasta, White firs and lodgepole pines shadow the trails around the meadow, with a sprinkling of aspen trees on the west end. 

Although Great Meadows Sno Park attracts winter sports enthusiasts, it is open year round and presents birding and other recreational opportunities. Snow fall varies every year, but usually the Sno-Park is ready for use mid-November to mid-December through early March.

There is no potable water. Visitors need to bring plenty of water.