Hanging Rock – Panther Ridge Trails

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Panther Ridge Trail:

Trail follows an old Native American travel corridor. Most of the trail follows Panther Ridge from Bald Knob to Buck Point. Approximately 95% of this trail is within the Wild Rogue Wilderness, and is closed to any kind of motorized vehicles or equipment. The trail has no water, so hikers should carry enough water along with them. Most of the trail travels under magnificent stands of old-growth timber and through rhododendron and scrub oak undergrowth.

While there are many scenic parts to the trail, some deserve particular note:

Panther Camp Meadow, which is located on a side trail about halfway along Panther Ridge.

View one of the most distinctive rock outcroppings on the district that overlooks the Rogue River watershed.

Provides access to:

Hanging Rock Trail #1113, a 0.25 mile long trail from trailhead that leads to the Panther Ridge Trail #1253 which accesses Wild Rogue Wilderness.