Deming Creek Trailhead

Provides access to: Boulder Springs Trail #101 which enters Gearhart Mountain Wilderness.

Located on the south end of Gearhart Mountain Wilderness, Deming Creek Trailhead is one of three access points to this wilderness area. The trailhead, 45 minutes northwest of Bly, Oregon, makes an ideal starting point for those interested in horseback riding because it has corrals. 

About three miles on the Boulder Springs Trail #101 must be traversed to arrive at the wilderness boundary. This trail also connects with the Gearhart Mountain Trail #100. There are no amenities at the trailhead, with the exception of a parking area with room for trailer turnaround, and one corral. Dispersed camping is allowed. 

There is no portable water. Visitors need to pack plenty of water. Maintenance services are provided from June 15th through September 15th