Oregon Food Trails

A nibble, a nosh, a bite or a feast? Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’ve got an Oregon Food Trail for you. In communities across Oregon, passionate food lovers plotted these trails to introduce visitors to the distinctive food and drink of their regions. These unique, self-guided food trails showcase the freshest local offerings of farmers, fishers, brewers and chefs around the state. Along the way, you can take in the signature natural beauty of each region. Spend a day (or more) following the bountiful Oregon Food Trails — your taste buds will thank you.

Many food trail destinations are open year-round, but others are highly seasonal. Call ahead to individual businesses about seasonality and hours of operation. Here’s a breakdown of some of Oregon’s agriculture products’ peak seasons:

  • Steelhead and chinook salmon: April – October
  • Berries: June – September
  • Lavender: Late June – August
  • Apples and cider: Late August – October
  • Pumpkin patches: September – late October
  • Oregon truffles: December – February

The working farms along Oregon’s food trails offer engaging, hands-on agricultural experiences. Visitors are encouraged to respect the invitation to enter each property and be cautious around farm animals and equipment. Children (and pets, if allowed) must be supervised at all times, and you should be prepared to follow all site-specific rules. For your safety and comfort, be prepared with appropriate footwear, sun protection and water. Download a map of your food trail for your convenience. Happy tasting!