Charles & Anna Drain House

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This house provides the finest example of the proportion and ornamentation characteristics of the Queen Ann architectural style in the city. This building is listed in the 1976 Statewide Inventory of Historic Sites and is also listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The house is now owned by the North Douglas School District.

Construction began in 1893 and completed in 1895. The house has major historical significance to Drain as both the city’s most imposing residence, and it’s most visible link with the founding family.

Design source for the Victorian house is attributed to George Barber of Tennessee. It is Barber’s design No. 37, and the cost estimate to build in the 1890s was $2,600. The Hasard House in Drain which was built in 1902 is of similar design as is the Fullerton House in Roseburg, Oregon. The Fullerton House was owned by the Drain family attorney.