Feather Root Farms

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When visiting Feather Root Farms you can expect views of green pastures, meet beautiful Jersy cows, and even take a tour of a farm that prides itself on sustainable practices.

In 1992, the family dairy farm was established south of Monmouth in the greater Polk County area. The support from fellow farmers and local consumers have helped Feather Root Farms become a successful farm operation. They want to show what an organic intensive rotational grazing farm does for the local community and the land long-term. The information is crucial for filling the gap from farm-to-table. Being a farm that thinks more in terms of working with nature, they focus on cows outside on pasture eating high-quality forages that are grown from healthy soils. Feather Root Farms strives for a quality Jersey cow H.E.R.D., which stands for Health Education Roots and Diversity. The farm owners love sharing their story and how they operate their farm with visitors.

Be sure to call ahead. All tours and farm experiences need to be scheduled in advance.