Hikes and Hops: Magness Tree Farm and Ancestry Brewing

September 7, 2018

Sometimes you want to drink a delectable, super hoppy IPA and every so often you want to trek Oregon’s stunning hills. Or maybe you want both.

Yes, you can have it all — hikes and hops — in one day. Explore one hike and one brewery (or restaurant) all in one day. Here’s how.

First stop: Magness Tree Farm

31195 SW Ladd Hill Rd
Sherwood, OR 97140

There’s a secret in Sherwood, Oregon. Magness Memorial Tree Farm is nestled among the hills in Sherwood surrounded by tall greenery, flowing creeks, birds that sing and the fresh smell of the forest.

The land was donated in 1977 by Howard and Panzy Magness for all to enjoy a short hike through the tall green trees or the outdoor event center equipped with small cabins and picnic shelters that can be rented for private events.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the sound of a flowing creek that funnels into a pond filled with small rock formations and greenery. The trail is well paved and glides through the forest with the sun slightly cutting through, providing shade during hot summer days, but just enough light to see the surroundings filled with wildflowers, ferns and various trees.

And the trail is dog friendly! The beginning is flat and starts to slowly climb uphill. As the trek uphill continues, a row of vines and grapes appear in the distance. The farm boarders a winery that expands into an amazing hillside valley view. This is a good place to stop, enjoy the stunning view and a snack before continuing. Trust me. I definitely wanted to stop (and so will you) after that uphill adventure and the view is an added bonus to the short break.

After pausing for a well-deserved break, the trail begins descending downhill. On this part of the trail, notice blue jays chirping in the distance among the rustling trees. Nodes of bright pink and yellows flowers boarder the trail as I made my way back to the starting point. The whole loop is approximately 3 miles with up and downhill terrain, but that is just enough ground cover to earn a craft brew and juicy burger reward. Believe me, you’ll be hungry.

Second stop: Ancestry Brewing

20585 SW 115th Ave.
Tualatin, OR 97062

Only 15 minutes away from Magnus Tree Farm, Ancestry Brewing is well worth the stop. It’s a place where a mouthwatering food menu and bountiful selection of Oregon craft brews can be enjoyed in full hiking garb.

The menu has a lot to choose from, like The Dark Irish with fruity flavors and a hint of chocolate and the Belgian Dubbel with a spark of raisin. I enjoy fruit beers so I opted for the Blackberry Chery Wheat. It has a touch of fruit and is aromatic.

The beer paired nicely with Ancestry’s house burger, Wagyu Kobe Beef. Their juicy staple burger is  slathered with an amazing house sauce and Tillamook cheddar on a soft, fresh brioche bun. The combination of the semi-sweet sauce, grilled meat and wheat beer created a perfect, harmonic marriage. My hiking buddy tried the fiery, Three Alarm Burger with jalapenos, yellow peppers, pepper jack cheese and spicy three chili sauce on a kaiser roll. The heat of the burger was chased down with the Best Coast IPA packed full of citrus hop and aroma.

The menu and smell of fresh hops and the cozy outdoor patio make it well worth the stop before heading back home, but don’t just take my word for it. Trek your way through Magness Tree Farm, then try the cheesesteak sandwich with gouda and horseradish aioli at Ancestry. The best part? It can all be done in one day. The hike is short and the craft beer is fantastic.

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