Lemolo Falls

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The word "Lemolo", in Chinook jargon, means "wild" or "untamed". The meaning comes to life as the North Umpqua River plunges 102 feet into the deep pool.

Lemolo Falls can be reached by two trails. Take this trail, the 1.0 mile "old" trail, to experience the rush of the North Umpqua River as it roars 100 feet to the canyon below. While this approach is often considered to have the best view of the falls, it is a steep climb back to the top.

Hiking The North Umpqua Trail will reward you with glimpses of several cascades before reaching an above view of the falls from across the canyon. The quickest way to reach the falls from the North Umpqua Trail is to start at the White Mule Trailhead.