Mccoy Motorized Recreation Area

Spectacular views of Mt. Jefferson and many peaks in the High Cascades highlight this family-friendly shared-use road system comprised of approximately 50 miles of easiest to more difficult roads open to motorized Class I, II, III, and IV users and highway vehicles. Motorized cross country travel is prohibited. Some paved segments are open to unlicensed (non-street legal) vehicles. Public lands managed by the US Forest Service are interspersed with private lands. Please use the area map in conjunction with the Motorized Vehicle Use Map to help guide you on which roads are open for motorized travel.

The McCoy Shelter is in the heart of the area where riders can stop, take a rest or have a picnic. Restroom on site. The shelter is available for day-use only during the riding season. Dispersed camping opportunities are available throughout the area. Please use established sites and pack out all trash. Several developed campgrounds with amenities are nearby.

Cell phone service is unreliable. The nearest public phones and services are in Detroit and Idanha.

During the winter, the McCoy area is a designated snowmobile riding area. Keep wheeled vehicles off all trails in the designated area.