Huckleberry Mountain Lookout

Elevation: 5545 ft.
Built: 1938, hip-roof
Trail: 1/2 mile ; easy.
Staffing: currently seasonal staffed by Middle Fork Ranger District

Huckleberry is a charming and gentle site marked by sweeping views from the tip of Mt. Hood to the north to Mt. Scott and Thielsen to the south. The Sisters are close and sharp, Diamond Peak equally so. The view to the east is primarily of the western slope wilderness areas. To the west lie High Prairie, Salmon Creek, and the hills surrounding Oakridge. The building is in excellent condition as a result of a 3-year painstaking historic rehabilitation.

Huckleberry's open, grassy vistas present several opportunities for exploring, including to the south beyond a rocky promontory used by the Kalapuya Indians, and to the north on the one remaining fragment of the original trail through a clearcut and a heavy stand of huckleberries, old timber and rhododendron. And don't forget the trail down into the Huckleberry Lake basin. The area is rich in history, scenic delights, and is an altogether wonderful site.