Jean Baptiste Charbonneau Grave Site

Jean Baptiste Charbonneau (02/11/1805-05/16/1866) was the son of the French Canadian Interpreter Toussaint Charbonneau and Sacagawea, the Shoshone Guide of the Lewis and Clark Expeditation. He was born at Fort Mandan during the expedition’s journey westward. His image can be found on the United States dollar coin along with his mother, Sacagawea. He is the only child ever depicted on United States currency. At the age of 61, he set out from California to Montana-the scene of the latest gold strike. While crossing the icy waters of the Owyhee River, he contracted pneumonia and died at the Inskip Stage Station on May 16, 1866 near today’s Danner, Oregon. This was not the end of this great American mountain man; his grave was rediscovered in the 1960’s, dedicated August 6, 1971, and recognized as a Registered National Historic Place on March 14, 1973. Directions: Follow Hwy 95 Southwest of Jordan Valley to Danner, Oregon about 17 miles, 2 miles West of Hwy 95 at Ruby Ranch.