Earnest Bridge

The original covered bridge at this location was built in 1903 by A.C. Striker and was called Adams Bridge. The bridge was replaced in 1938 by Lane County for a cost of $2,449, and was renamed after a longtime local resident. A standard Lane County design element can be seen represented in this bridge: a small hooded opening on one elevation of the bridge for improved motorist visibility. The Earnest Bridge appeared in the movie Shenandoah, filmed in the Mohawk Valley during the mid-1960s. The movie company altered the bridge to reflect Civil War architecture, and then restored it back to the original condition in 1965. River: Mohawk River Length: 75 feet (23 m) Year Constructed: 1938 Nearest Town: Marcola Located on Paschelke Road just off Marcola Road near Marcola.