Currin Bridge

The Currin Bridge, named for an early pioneer family in the area, is sometimes referred to as the Row River Bridge because of the Stream it crosses. The original bridge was built by Nels Roney in 1883 for the cost of $1,935. When the bridge was to be replaced in 1925, County officials decided it could build the bridge cheaper than the lowest bid of $6,250. County employees constructed the bridge for $4,205 and saved a total of $2,495 tax dollars. In 1979, Lane County closed the bridge to vehicular traffic after completing a concrete bridge only a few feet away from the covered bridge. Design elements include single-piece hand hewn chords, cross-wise planking on the approaches, and a corrugated metal roof. It is the only Lane County covered bridge with white portals and red sides. River: Row River Length: 105 feet (32 m) Year Constructed: 1925 Nearest Town: Cottage Grove Located on Lang Road 1.5 miles (2.4 km) from Row River Road near Cottage Grove.